AAAARGHHH, this knot in my shoulder is killing me!!!

Sound familiar??

Firstly, what are 'knots'?

While a likely cause for these nagging little devils could well be posture related, i.e. sitting at your desk, hunched mid back, shoulders rolled forward over your elbows and chin almost resting on your computer screen.. In short, they arise from imbalances between muscle groups which ends up producing sites of 'tension' in your muscle tissue.

These imbalances usually lead from the front, with our pecs (chest muscles) and neck flexors (muscles at the front of our neck) being in a contracted or shortened state, and our posterior chain muscle groups (traps and rhomboids) being a little lazy and forgetting that they have an important job to do in the way of keeping our shoulder blades retracted into a nice comfortable neutral position.


Being in this compromised state for prolonged periods day in day out will encourage bad habit and for these 'knots' or tension areas to form, usually experienced in the muscle group underneath our shoulder blade (rhomboids), and in our neck around the sub occipital region, being the base of our skull.

OK, so how do I release the tension areas you ask??

Breaking up long blocks at your work station every so often with short 3-5min breaks incorporating some simple techniques such as Pec and Neck stretches, can get you in to good habit and give you some short term relief and an opportunity to 'reset' your posture.

Using your foam roller or spikey ball along with specific stretches at home, or the office for that matter, will help to free up tense muscle groups and specific sites of pain or discomfort.


Remedial Massage sessions are ideal for detecting imbalances between muscle groups, and with the application of specific manual techniques and modalities, your therapist will work with you to educate you and determine which muscle groups will need to be released or strengthened, in order to correct the imbalance and maintain a good healthy posture, helping to reduce the intensity of, and the frequency in the onset of those nasty 'knots', or Trigger Points.

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I hope you found this blog post helpful.